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Jamaicans line up behind VCB despite positive tests


The track and field world was left in shock yesterday following The Gleaner's revelation that one of the most decorated athletes, Jamaica's Veronica Campbell-Brown, had tested positive for a banned substance.


Campbell-Brown's adverse analytical finding has been the talk of the athletic world, with many international athletes taking to the popular social-media platform Twitter to air their views and lend support to the athlete.

The Jamaica-born, United States 400m champion Sanya Richards-Ross was among those left in shock. "So hard for me to believe the news of VCB. She's always been so talented! Really respect her as one of the greats," said Richards-Ross as she added the hashtags #HeartBroken, #PrayItsNotTrue.

St Kitts and Nevis veteran runner, Kim Collins, came out in support of his fellow sprinter, sending her a tweet. "@VCampbellBrown my friend, we love you. Continue to hold your head high. This too, shall soon pass."

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